Data Maintenance 101

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A recent article wrote: "Dirty, inconsistent and redundant data costs the U.S. economy over $3.1 Trillion every year - a figure twice the size of the 2011 Federal Deficit." In our increasingly digital age, maintaining customer data is vital to profitable business. Successful maintenance involves keeping data both accurate and secure. Inaccurate or incomplete customer data

Email Marketing Automation

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Usually, when the word "automation" is used, we think of a calculating machine,  working away with no personalization or creativity. Maybe that machine is not as bad as the Terminator, but we don't exactly get a "warm and fuzzy" feeling about it either. Ironically, automated email marketing may actually increase your business's ability to be

Lead Nurturing with Email Marketing

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Lead nurturing is not sales. Rather, it is building a relationship with each and every one of your prospects. By sending them automated, yet personalized, emails over time (drip campaign), you build a relationship and provide them with vital information to bring them to the next step in the process, the sale. Whether you market

Email Marketing Automation Encourages Customer Loyalty

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Has this ever happened to you? You get home from work on a Friday night after a long week at the office.  You've been working on a tough project for a client and you're ready to relax for a few days.  However, this weekend will be different from most because tomorrow is your birthday.  You

Nurture Leads with Email Marketing

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Prospecting for LeadsEmail Marketing is a highly effective strategy for prospecting because it generates plenty of highly qualified leads that are part of your target market. When you use email marketing for a lead generation it is important to be personal, target a specific problem, and then end with the solution or a call to

5 Strategies To Attract More Traffic

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Building Your ListsThere is great value in building your email or lead lists and  optimizing email open rates. Building your lead list should be one of your core strategies to effectively increase traffic to your website, as well as your brick and mortar operations - if you have them. Here are five creative strategies that

Improve Email Open Rates the Easy Way

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The Importance of Email Marketing CampaignsAre you concerned that customers and leads are not actually opening the emails you send? If you are trying to run a small business that relies heavily on email marketing campaigns, this is of critical concern. You must figure out a way to get leads and current customers to open

Email Marketing Automation: Marketing Strategies for Success

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Email Marketing and Email AutomationMore than 50 percent of all businesses are expected to use email marketing automation by 2015. Marketing managers across the nation are benchmarking their competitors and contemplating how to best streamline and optimize their marketing efforts.  If you are looking for an effective way to maximize your marketing dollars in the coming year,

Top 7 Things You Must Know About CAN-SPAM Regulations

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Email Marketing and CAN-SPAM RegulationE-mail marketing and campaign automation have become one of the most effective forms of Internet marketing. A well-planned e-mail marketing campaign can inexpensively reach thousands of customers and prospects at one time. However, since 2003 companies using this form of communication must comply with the CAN-SPAM (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited

Email Subject Lines that Pop!

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When you send an email you want to make it count. That means getting your recipients to read it. Along with having useful content in that email, you first must grab your recipient's attention, so that they will open your message. Most readers receive a large number of daily email newsletters and will scan through

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