How do you make your emails stand out from the competition?

A primary factor is your email subject line. Many businesses give little thought to this detail. They simply throw a few words together and hope for the best. There’s probably no such thing as a “perfect” subject line, but with a little thought and guidance you can get a little closer to perfection and higher open rates. Let’s look at some basic considerations in designing email subject lines that are relevant to your target audience.

Avoid Terms That Could Be Flagged As Spam

Most email platforms contain spam filters that assign points to certain “spam” words. Once these points exceed a certain threshold, the email is flagged as spam. By using words like “free” or “urgent”, your message could end up in the spam pile.

Use Of Localized Terms And Questions

Studies have shown that using location information will make your message appear more personal and relevant, thereby improving email open rates. An example of leveraging location information might be: “Chic Boutique Opening Soon in Louisville, KY!”. Framing questions that address your audience’s needs can also improve your open rates. An example of a question your email might answer could be: “Are You Ready To Relax in Hawaii?”

Keep It Short And Relevant

Your email subject line must clearly communicate an overall summary of the content of your message. It also must demonstrate the value of your message for your target audience. Studies show that very long subject lines have lower open rates compared to shorter ones. Developing short subject lines may take a little experimentation and practice – to give it a try in your next campaign. Create subject lines with less than 40 characters and see if your open and click rates improve.

No Need To Get Clever Or Witty

When you capture an email address through your website, you have the opportunity to build a meaningful relationship with a new lead. It takes a certain amount of trust for a lead to volunteer their email address. Many studies show that a simple, direct email subject line is most effective at getting your email opened and read. Remember your subject line is really no more than a modified headline representing your business.   At Predictive Response, we offer affordable solutions to ensure success from your very first email campaign. Our applications include many professionally designed templates that you can customize to create highly effective campaigns. Contact us today and your personal coach will help you get your first email campaign up and running! ativan xanax