Email Automation

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Salesforce Marketing Automation

Email marketing continues to be the most effective channel for marketing. Newsletters and one-off email campaigns will always have an important role in your email strategy. Triggered Campaigns based on users actions and profile changes are the next steps to email automation.

Behavioral-Based Email Automation

Behavioral-Based Email Automation focuses on the individual’s behavior. By analyzing responses and interactions you can engage your audience at critical points and have a real conversation on a one-on-one basis. By quickly creating messages that are customized to your recipients, your response rates and loyalty numbers will increase significantly over time and lead to conversations.

Profile-Based Campaign Automation

Profile-Based Campaign Automation also focuses on the individual profile. By analyzing demographics, changes in preferences, memberships, expiration dates, and other details, Predictive can easily add members to new campaigns and opt out members of existing campaigns based on changes to their data inside Salesforce.

Content Personalization

From the basic “Hi [first-name],” to adding content from custom fields from Leads, Contacts and Campaign Members, Lead & Contact Owners etc., you have the potential to personalize emails and make content much more relevant to the recipient.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content keeps your emails relevant by personalizing the customer experience automatically. Dynamic Content allows you to replace parts of the email based on what you already know about your recipient’s demographics, history, preferences etc. The result is messages and offers that resonate.

Scheduled Emails

Scheduled emails like Newsletters let you easily keep in contact with a given list on a regular basis with minimum effort. You have the list, you have the template, you have the schedule, now just add content and pictures and you can keep your members engaged and updated on a regular basis.Newsletters with timely and relevant content may be one of the best ways to keep your audience engaged.

Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are an excellent tool for nurturing leads over longer periods of time. It can start with an engagement activity like filling out a form and continue with a series of emails sent at set intervals to maintain consistent communication.