Salesforce Mass Emails for NPO Did you know that over 100,000 companies use Salesforce? It is truly a powerhouse in the CRM world, which is why we have made certain that our products integrate seamlessly. Most importantly the Salesforce Foundation offers a version of their CRM free to Non-Profits. Once you’ve started using Salesforce, you will want to go to the App Exchange where you can buy Predictive Response and other great Salesforce applications at a discount. We recommend using Adaptive Mailer to greatly enhance the effectiveness of your fundraising campaigns:

  • Tight software integration is the key to your success. You want to focus on your organization’s mission and vision, not on making sure your donors information is correctly entered into two different software programs! With the Predictive AM button, all of your Salesforce contacts are automatically synched with your email campaigns.
  • Mass emails are easy to create, simple to personalize with designer templates, and efficient to send to any of your Salesforce campaign members.
  • You can also easily schedule and automate mass emails with a variety of campaign types for different purposes. For instance, you can create a drip campaign for potential donors, with follow-up emails at specific, scheduled times. This type of campaign will inform potential donors all about about your organization and will keep your name in front of them at regular intervals. For established donors, you can create a newsletter campaign which thanks them for their ongoing service and strengthens their commitment to your cause.
  • Detailed activity tracking and response rate reports are also available, allowing you to quickly ascertain the effectiveness of your email campaigns. This is particularly useful when planning new fundraising campaigns.
  • We also offer product discounts to non profit organizations.

So Contact Us today to learn how Adaptive Mailer can help your marketing campaigns, so you will be free to focus on making the world a better place!