Image for A/B testing tips for NPO Today we are writing about how to adapt A/B testing for a Non Profits. Remember that A/B testing is sending two slightly different email messages (version A and version B) to different samples of your mailing list, tracking the response rates for each, and then choosing the version with the higher response rate. Here are some A/B tests that are most effective for NPO marketing campaigns:

  1. Story Testing

    (Called Body Testing in marketing): Is it better to appeal to a potential donor with a success story or a sob story? In other words, is it better to focus on the success of a campaign or the continued need for support? Craft two different emails, run a test and find out.

  2. Call to Action:

    Is it more effective to appeal for your donor’s time (volunteers) or money? For some non-profits, for instance, those located in remote locations, a request for a donation of time may be impractical. Other possibilities include the donation of transferable assets, such as stock, or tangible assets that might be donated for a future online auction. Either way, test two alternative Calls to Action to see which results in a better response.

  3. From Line:

    If your non-profit has a charismatic founder who is still active in the organization, the ‘From Line’ should always be from that founder, even if the letter is actually written by someone else. If there is no single big name, then the role of the person listed in the ‘From Line’ should be emphasized, and A/B tested.

  4. Personalization:

    Informality is usually the best rule of thumb for non-profit campaigns because the goal is to create a personal connection between the donor and the campaign that they are supporting.

  5. Offer Testing:

    Many non profits these days give a wide variety of free gifts in return for donations. You might consider offering a choice between gifts of different types to see which appeals to your donor base.

Remember that it is critical to change only one element within each test, so that you will truly be testing the response rate of that element only.  A/B testing is part of our Adaptive Mailer marketing solution, so contact us today to sign up or learn more about A/B testing for Non Profits.