In the last few years social media has gained a lot of attention in the world of digital marketing. Social media is great tool for increasing brand awareness and spreading your message. But most marketers agree that email marketing reigns supreme for nurturing leads and creating an intimate connection with your customers. Here are 4 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Better than Social Media:

1. Targeted Marketing

With social media you will be able to send the same message to all of your followers or friends. This is useful for some marketing campaigns, but does not allow for personalized, targeted communication. Email marketing is best if you want to send a specific message to a smaller group based on their preferences. Email marketing automation will even allow you to automatically send messages to groups based on their behavior.

2. Greater Control

In addition, email marketing gives much more control to your company because it is a one-way, unilateral form of communication. In contrast, message control is not guaranteed with social media. A Facebook post or Tweet can sometimes take a wrong turn, as the conversation is ultimately controlled by the masses, rather than your company.

3. Intimate Marketing

A recent article in The Drum explains why email marketing is superior to social media marketing. According to the article, the ability to target an audience in email marketing provides a more intimate communication, a closely tailored message sent to leads and customers:

Email offers an immediacy and intimacy that still makes it an impactful means of contacting your consumer. It also offers a way to deliver such messages in a timely way, a much under-valued commodity. Email affords you a degree of control that social media simply cannot guarantee and it is not unlikely that your most compelling of social media posts will go entirely unnoticed by even a devoted audience.

4. Focus on Customer Loyalty

Despite the ability to communicate to thousands or even millions of people with social media, email marketing is favorable for companies that want to focus on customer loyalty. Customers feel appreciated when they receive a specific message that connects to them and their needs. Also, customers or leads must subscribe to your email campaign. This means that they have already committed to hearing from your company and communicating with your brand. Ultimately a combination of both social media and email marketing is best. Social media marketing will improve your brand exposure and email marketing will generate customer loyalty and a sense of intimacy. Contact us today to learn how email marketing campaigns can benefit your organization!