Marketing is all about attracting attention and building relationships; that’s why it’s important for every business to update its LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is great for keeping in touch with contacts and networking with new ones. So many people incorrectly assume that it’s simply a website to park your resume on. In reality, its set-up allows you to see who works within any industry and gives you ways of introducing yourself directly or asking your own contacts to introduce you to new ones. A new feature even allows you to create a calendar that reminds you when (and how) to keep in touch with your contacts. Obviously this is a great tool for any marketer, especially when used in conjuncture with a business LinkedIn page. Since the average household income per LinkedIn user is $109,000 – much more than what you’ll find on other social media sites – LinkedIn users mean business.

Utilize LinkedIn’s Features

Once you invite the right contacts to your LinkedIn business page, you can keep in touch with your audience in several ways. You will be able to take polls, post blog posts, release newsletters, and news updates. You will also be able to begin important discussions about industry news in the Groups section of LinkedIn. It includes features that allows users to network and plan events together. You can optimize your page for search engine (SEO) results through simple profile editing (ex. customizing the names of the websites listed on your page). Most importantly it allows your customers to write feedback for your business and other clients to see. It’s time for your business to utilize the power of LinkedIn in your marketing strategy! For more information on how to use LinkedIn effectively and other great marketing tips and tricks, please Contact Us.