3 Tips for Increasing Conversions On Your Blog

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The ultimate goal of having a blog is not just to attract more visitors, but to turn those visitors into conversions. If you can't do that, then your blog is not accomplishing what it is supposed to. Here are a few tips for increasing conversions on your blog:Have a Clear StrategyMany businesses start a blog

Email Marketing Shouldn’t Always Result in a Direct Sale

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The more you interact with your potential leads, especially without alienating them, the more your brand will resonate with them. Larger companies stay on the periphery of their market's awareness through constant exposure, publicity, and universal brand awareness. But you can achieve the same effect through targeted email marketing.How can email marketing help your brand

Basic Inbound Marketing Resources

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Inbound marketing is becoming a popular method to attract prospects and convert them into long-term customers. Rather than relying on the "push" of cold-calling or unsolicited emails, inbound marketing is based on the concept of shared interests, strong content and a "pull“ to the product. Here are a few basic resources that inbound marketing practitioners

Finding a Business Spokesperson Persona for Your Brand

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Most brands have a personality, the personification of your company, it's values, the needs it is created to fill, the customers you wish to attract, and the situations most associated with your products. You can identify your brand through the qualities of your products and what the public sees of your company in your presentations.Determining

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