Email marketing isn’t just a way to reach out to your potential customers. It’s a way to learn more about your leads so you can communicate with them better. Here are three questions your next email campaign should answer:

1. What specific services are they interested in?

One of the best ways to secure your business is to diversify. The more products and services you offer, so long as you can sustain the different offerings, the better your business can handle rough patches and changing trends. But that means your leads won’t be interested in every service, and marketing to them with the wrong focus makes them leave. 

Email marketing lets you learn more about your subscribers by measuring what they’re actually interested in. With an automated email marketing tool, you can personalize your subscriber’s content based on the email content they open and interact with.

2. How often do leads interact with your site?

If you want return traffic, you often have to prompt leads to come back. This can take the form of social media posts and email marketing. While you might not be able to track every time a customer clicks onto your site from different sources or on different devices, you can gauge their interest by how often they reach your site via emails and offers. Just add a unique identifier to each embedded hyperlink.

3. Are they actually going to make a purchase?

Sometimes active engagement isn’t the promise of a sale it looks like. Usually, lots of return visits and interaction with your marketing materials indicate that a future sale is likely. But some customers have no intention of making a purchase, even if they like your content and trust you as an authority. Start to identify when long-term leads become cold leads. That doesn’t those leads are useless; they can still promote your brand and add to your website’s strength.

When you’re ready to learn more about your leads, contact us at Predictive Response for the tools to get started.