Too many of us blog infrequently or only once a week or month. That simply isn’t enough. While blogging daily is usually too much, you’ll likely get the most from your blog if you blog a couple or a few times per week. If you haven’t been, you should make an effort to make this happen or consider outsourcing your blogging needs to a company who can meet demand easily. With more content up on your blog, you’ll get more leads, which you can then nurture and turn into customers. Here are some reasons why you need to blog more often. 

Each Blog Post is a Doorway to Your Business

If you only have a few blog posts up, you only have a few pages that can be indexed by search engines. This means there aren’t a ton of ways for people to get to your website. The more blog posts you write and publish, the more opportunities there are for people to end up on your site. This means you still need to do the work to promote the blog via social media, email, and other marketing channels, but without plenty of content, you don’t even have that opportunity. This means you need to post more often to your blog. 

Search Engines Like Fresh Content

Articles that are newer appear fresher to search engines like Google and this is a good thing for search rankings. Google and other search engines have many ways of determining the freshness of content, but one of them is inception date or the date the content was created. If an article is four years old, the chances of it getting a top spot for a search are much lower than a newer article. That means you should be updating and posting new blog articles regularly. 

You’ll Stay Relevant and Have a Voice in Current Conversations

Staying relevant in your industry is a must. Much of this can be done on social media, but if you have a point to make about a certain topic that’s hot in your industry, there’s no better place to turn than your blog. You can lay out your points, state your argument, and then share it with your readers on social media after you publish it. From there you can start new conversations with people on social media and become a meaningful player in your industry. 

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