What to Do With a Lead That’s Gone Cold

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Even if you do everything right, sometimes leads go cold. In this article, we'll explain what you can do to re-engage prospects who aren't advancing in the sales funnel. Send a last-ditch email The first step is reaching out to the lead and reminding them of your value proposition. At this point, you don't know if the lead has

Tips for Effective Lead Nurturing

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Finding new customers is the lifeblood of any company that is looking to grow. To find new customers, businesses follow a variety of lead generation strategies including email marketing campaigns, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. While finding leads is a big first step, the ultimate success of an organization will depend on its

How to Use a Pillar Page for Lead Generation?

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The popularity of pillar pages represents a significant shift in the world of search engine optimization. In this article, we'll explain how you can use a pillar page for your lead generation efforts, and overall achieve better results as compared to the traditional landing pages. What's a pillar page?First, let's explain what a pillar page is

The Pros of Writing Helpful Marketing Content

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Writer's block is one of the most common problems of content marketing. If you're all out of ideas, then you should stick to the basics and write helpful pieces and how-to guides for your target audience. Here are some reasons why: Improve your reputation Your brand can only achieve as much as its reputation allows. Improving your

How to Develop a Marketing Persona?

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The most successful marketing campaigns come from a fundamental and in-depth understanding of who it is you're marketing to. Without this knowledge, it's impossible to go into a marketing campaign with any guarantee of success. The solution? Developing a detailed marketing persona that encapsulates the characteristics of the ideal customer who would respond positively to your campaign.This

Why Email Marketing Performance is On the Rise?

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Email is a staple of inbound marketing. It's extremely effective in terms of converting leads, and bringing loyal customers back to your business. In this article, we'll explain why email performance is improving and what your business can do about it. Email performance is on the rise Let's start with some statistics. According to a survey by

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