Marketing experts have long recognized the effectiveness of link building to SEO and engagement strategies. If your business is looking to improve page ranking and authority, consider creating these five types of content that can produce quality links back to your website. 


You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create attractive and shareable infographics. Infographics are so effective because they’re easy to consume and interact with, and your network is more likely to share something visual. Businesses can promote infographics on social media channels, or share as part of a guest post on a popular industry blog.

Data and Research

Surveys and studies are goldmines for businesses. Discover the questions that plague your industry, and become the authority with answers. The data you collect can be used for dozens of content pieces (such as material for infographics or eBooks). Industry leaders can then cite your research, giving your business an authoritative link. 


Much like infographics, videos are easily consumed and shareable. Consider creating How-To videos that can be widely shared throughout your industry. Using keyword-rich titles, tags, and descriptions, videos can be optimized for search engines. 

Authoritative Blogs

Producing fresh blog content on a regular basis can significantly improve search rankings over time. This gives your website authority and provides your audience with valuable information. Blogs are most commonly promoted on social media channels, but businesses should also consider guest blogging. Doing so can create quality links back to your website.

Ultimate Guides

Ultimate guides and eBooks contain detailed information about a particular topic. Most often, ultimate guides contain original insights and data that audiences find valuable. Consider collaborating with other industry leaders on your guides; they’ll provide quality links back to your site. Ultimate guides and eBooks can also be used as lead generation materials. Allow visitors to gain access to your guides after completing a form. 

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