It is time to create a lasting first impression. It is the best way to give your new subscribers a chance to feel welcomed into your brand.

Although it is typically the very first email that your subscribers receive, you want to make sure that it stands out from the sea of other emails they are receiving . You want your message to feel personalized just for them but also recognizable for when you send other email marketing content (Newsletters, Updates, Promotions, etc).

In 2023, most digital marketers are using marketing automation tools to send out their welcome email campaigns with ease. 

This article will discuss the importance of creating a solid welcome email. You will also have a few tips and solid examples of how to create a memorable first impression of your brand with this type of email marketing.


Why Do I Need A Welcome Email?

Welcome emails provide a warm entrance to your brand for your new subscribers. When someone browses your website and they submit their email. This means they are interested in your brand and what you have to offer. It’s their way of saying, “ Tell Me More!”

Sending a welcome email to your new subscribers has been proven to generate nearly 320% more revenue than any promotional email. 

When a welcome email is sent generally it contains information about the company, store information, and brings personalization to the customer journey.


What Should You Include In Your Welcome Email

Remember welcome emails are a virtual first impression. They generally fall into the Consideration stage in the Marketing funnel. When a person inputs their email address on a subscription form on your website, they have given you permission to reachout to them with more information on you are offering.

Here are a few important elements for you to include in your welcome email:


Watch Your Tone

You want to keep a conversational and inviting tone in every email that you send. However, this is particularly important for welcome emails. You want your subscribers to feel happy and excited when they open your content. Try to avoid any vague language or heavy industry jargon. 


Give A Brief Summary

Welcome emails should provide answers to questions like:

  • What do you want people to know about you/your company?

  • Which aspects of your business identity feel relatable to your audience?

This tells your readers what makes your brand unique and should give insight into your brand’s story


A Call- To-Action

Any email that you send should have clear  and concise instructions that tell the readers what to do next. Your Call-To-Action can be a variety of things, but remember the goal behind sending a welcome email is to trigger a higher click-through rate and improve your conversions. Here are some examples of Call-To Actions that you can include:

  • Follow Us On Instagram

  • Shop Now

  • Download This 


Welcome Email Examples

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of why you should have a welcome email, let’s take a look at a few examples.


The LEGO Group

This email was sent in response to signing up for their loyalty program. In this email you will find a very clear Call-To–Action button, that directs the reader to complete the registration process. The header is using an inviting tone. And they also included a short summary of the purpose of the email.



This welcome email was sent in response to signing up for their subscription service. In this email they provide a Call-To-Action that encourages the readers to “Get Started” and provides details about how their service works and the quality of food that is delivered. Similar to LEGO welcome email, HelloFresh uses their bright green color as a major branding element, so their emails are distinct.


The Ordinary

This brand delivers captivating images, and very descriptive Call-To-Action under each picture. In their welcome email, they provide a brief description of their recommended products based on your selected regimen on their website. This type of email is a great way to showcase products and services while also providing a personalized experience. 




Welcome emails are an essential part of your email marketing strategy. They should be the first email your subscribers receive after they submit their email on your website. This type of email gives you the opportunity to have your brand stand out from the noise in their inbox. Be sure to maintain consistency in your branding and colors with your email design. Always include a call-to-action that drives conversion. If you are ever in need of inspiration, simply subscribe to your favorite brand and take note of how their welcome emails appear.

For more information on how to best construct your next  welcome email  book a demo now with Predictive here.