Automation is a great way to save time and effort while boosting your results. Here are a few examples of marketing automation and how it can help you.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is best when automated. When people subscribe to your mailing list, you should send them a followup sequence. This can vary based on how they signed up and should be designed to get more conversions.

Email marketing can be further automated by using automation rules. For example, you can send different emails based on whether a subscriber opened a previous email or clicked a link in it.

Social Media

Social media is another example where automation saves the day. Nobody has the time to post all day on various social media channels. However, in order to succeed with social media, you have to be active. Automation lets you schedule posts in advance. You can even automatically share your blog posts on social media.

Customer Support

Customer support is also drastically improved through automation. You can use chatbots to help out new visitors to your site. You can automate part of the support process so that customers get the right support specialists quickly. You can also use automation to help customers find solutions to problems.


Blogging can also be automated. It’s a good idea to have a bunch of blog posts scheduled in advance. It’s always good to be prepared and ahead of the game. Of course, some posts may be time-limited announcements and can’t be written in advance.

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