Building Your Lists

There is great value in building your email or lead lists and  optimizing email open rates. Building your lead list should be one of your core strategies to effectively increase traffic to your website, as well as your brick and mortar operations Рif you have them. Here are five creative strategies that will help your business utilize and grow your lead lists, increase email open rates, and improve traffic to your site:

  1. Keyword Optimization

    Tweak your press releases. When you send out press releases for your business target keywords. Specifying keywords will help you rank more quickly in Google and the other search engines. This also applies to share videos online. You should place keywords from your press release in the video description for improved ranking.

  2. Sponsor a Pinterest Contest.

    People love contests. For instance, you could create a contest where anyone who shares a favorite image on Pinterest is automatically entered to win a prize. Your business can use this type of promotion to increase traffic, followers, opt-ins, and even sales. Create a page describing image rules for your contest. Then e-mail your followers and your lead list with a link to the contest page.

  3. Segment Subscriber Traffic

    Segment your subscriber list by splitting them into categories according to subscriber interests. Target them with specific information that is custom tailored to their interests. Don’t overwhelm them with information that most likely doesn’t apply to them.

  4. Add an Opt-in Channel

    Offer subscribers the opportunity to opt-in to a weekly digest of your e-mails and newsletters rather than receive them as they are released. Place the link directly above your unsubscribe link at the bottom of your e-mails. This might encourage an un-subscriber to opt into a more streamlined, less-frequent mailer.

  5. Add Value

    The trick in implementing traffic tactics is to make sure you give customers and potential clients value at every turn. Doing so can be a careful balancing act. You want to feed them, but you don’t want to scare them away. Consider adding text such as, “This is a free service. Put your credit card away” in your subject line to emphasize the value you are providing.

Above all, you should enjoy providing your subscribers with interesting information. Sincerity will shine through and customers will come to trust your brand, which should be the ultimate aim of every small business. To learn more about how the professionals at Predictive Response can help you with your business, contact us or visit our website.