Prospecting for Leads

Email Marketing is a highly effective strategy for prospecting because it generates plenty of highly qualified leads that are part of your target market. When you use email marketing for a lead generation it is important to be personal, target a specific problem, and then end with the solution or a call to action. These lead nurturing tactics should commence the minute you meet a potential customer.

Nurturing Leads

Whether you are in a competitive industry or not, nurturing leads is essential for winning the attention of undecided prospects. Email marketing campaigns are also useful for nurturing your existing customers, building relationships, and improving trust.

Tips for Nurturing Leads

  • Get Permission: The very first thing you need to do is get the permission of your leads or customers before sending out your messages so they do not see it as unsolicited email or spam. This shows respect by giving your prospects a choice, which will set the tone for relationship building and partnership.
  • Go One Step Further: Drip marketing is effective for staying on top of your prospects’ minds. However, it is also important to follow up with a phone call or a more personal form of communication. This will solidify the relationship and add a human element to your interaction.
  • Data Mine: Find creative ways to draw information from your prospects so you can provide them with content that is genuinely relevant and tailored to their specific needs and interests. This technique will vastly improve your conversion rates because you will be offering leads what they already want, instead of guessing what you think or hope they want.

Studies show that marketers who nurture leads with email marketing generally have higher conversion rates because they take the to build relationships. Their customer retention rates are above average, as well. For more information about lead nurturing and our products pleaseĀ contact us today!

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