Running a successful and thriving nonprofit can feel stressful, intimidating, and even overwhelming if you are unsure of where to begin. Along with obtaining funding to support your nonprofit, spreading the word of your organization through effective marketing channels is essential to maximize your reach and potential. Using drip campaigns is one way to build your following while getting to know more about which communication methods resonate the most with your target audience and the demographics you want to reach. 

What is a Drip Campaign?

A drip campaign is a campaign that is created in various segments, providing you with multiple opportunities to contact prospective customers (or newsletter subscribers) based on a specific timeline or specific actions they have taken. Drip campaigns can help with relaying personalized messages while appealing to a users’ wants, needs or interests. Using a drip campaign is a great way to expand your reach and the exposure your nonprofit receives without spamming subscribers. 

The Effectiveness of Personalized Campaigns

Did you know that 78% of users online confirm that personalized email messages have the ability to incentivize them to learn more about a brand or to make a purchase? Segmenting emails with a drip campaign is one way to relate to your followers, subscribers, and loyal customers on a personal and more intimate level. Personalized emails prompt a higher opening rate and can incentivize subscribers to learn more or to complete the donation process, depending on the timing of each email you send.

Create an Email Funnel

After a user registers for your newsletter or signs up to receive communication on your site, begin your drip campaign. The first email a user receives from you should occur immediately after you receive their email.

Within each email you send, state your nonprofit’s mission while also including a link to donate or register as a sponsor (in a highly visible location). Use A/B testing to determine which CTA (call-to-action) prompts users to respond and take the most action.

Choose the amount of time to wait between sending emails while also keeping the actions of your users in mind at all times. If a subscriber clicks on your email CTAs frequently, create a segmented list for emails designed for dedicated followers. If a subscriber clicks a link to donate (without checking out), create an alternative email that is more suitable for their previous actions. Drip campaigns are highly effective as they allow you the ability to tap into specific segmented groups of your audience to better optimize the outcomes and results you receive. 

Becoming familiar with drip campaigns and creating a campaign that is most suitable for your nonprofit is a way to stand out from your competition while solidifying your organization’s place in any market or niche. With the right drip campaign format and a way to effectively communicate with your sponsors and donors, feel comfortable with and confident in your marketing decisions while moving forward with the scaling of your nonprofit organization.