Eventbrite is an online service designed for organizers of events who want to share and advertise their upcoming gatherings. Using Eventbrite is optimal for organizations looking to maximize their reach and increase event attendance. Before creating your next event using Eventbrite, there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure the best outcome possible.

Create a Catchy Name for Your Event

One of the most important elements involved in planning an upcoming event includes creating a catchy name that best represents the event itself. Choosing a catchy and creative name for an event you are planning is helpful for prospective attendees and guests to remember it and when it is happening. Consider getting a bit creative when choosing a name for your planned event and avoid basic event names such as “Summer BBQ” or “Outdoor Musical Festival”. The more creative you are able to be with the naming of the event you are planning, the more likely you are to appeal to the audience of prospective guests you want to reach. 

Request Personal and Custom Information from Potential Attendees

An advantage of using a service such as Eventbrite is the ability to request personal and custom information from individuals who have a genuine interest in attending an event. Eventbrite allows event managers the opportunity to request customized information such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses in addition to guests’ preferences of meals or appetizers from each individual user.

List Your Event Publicly on Eventbrite and Across the Web

Using Eventbrite is another way to increase the exposure you receive online in less time and with minimal effort. Choose to promote and list your newly created event using Eventbrite’s public directory if your event is open to anyone who has an interest in attending. When an event is listed publicly and open for all to see, it is also much easier to share the link to your official event listing using social media platforms, email newsletters and even your own website or online portfolio. 

Classify and Categorize Your Event Using Eventbrite’s System

Using Eventbrite is a great way to classify and categorize your event type before publishing it and allowing it to be displayed live. Once you have created an event, Eventbrite provides you with the ability to classify the event in up to two categories. Additionally, it is also possible to implement relevant keywords to help boost the SEO, or search engine optimization of your event before publishing it live on the platform. 

Understanding the basics of Eventbrite and how to make the event service work for you is essential as a marketer of a new and upcoming brand. Creating an event using Eventbrite that is well-received is one way to ensure your event’s page is getting the traction it deserves. With the right tips and tricks, create an Eventbrite listing that is appealing, relevant, and enticing to users of Eventbrite who are familiar or even unaware of your business or brand and what it represents.

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