Email automation keeps businesses on track with their marketing campaigns. This is especially important since many companies tend to approach email marketing with an element of random choice; reaching and grabbing for what seems like a branch of fruit, and hoping that what falls off the branch looks good to its customers. Some companies still just send emails whenever they remember to, but these days if you’re going to keep your customers engaged or win business over that competitor who’s stealing from your bottom line you need a plan.

Why arbitrary campaigns don’t work

From a customer’s point of view, there are times your emails are welcome, and there are times when they are not. When a customer first learns about your business or spends time adequate time on your site, they’re pretty much expecting (and maybe even looking forward to) an email in their inbox, and chances are they’ll open it with a smile on their face. However, a email seemingly out of nowhere is more likely to get deleted before the mail notification even has time to fade off of their screen.

It’s important to remember that you run the very significant risk of just annoying subscribers with messages. That’s why arbitrary campaigns don’t work — they undermine how timely and precise email marketing can be. Arbitrary campaigns make your next email, regardless of its relevancy, less likely to be opened, let likely to be welcomed.

Use email automation to engage subscribers

A recent Marketing Land article explains how businesses can use email automation to improve their campaigns and keep subscribers engaged. According to the article, by setting triggers for specific messages, you can get in touch with prospective customers at the perfect moment. You have the technology to show your prospective customers exactly what they’re interested in or exactly what they’re in-market for. Rather than reaching for that random branch of fruit, you’re delivering fresh apples to apple lovers and ripe oranges to fresh squeezed orange juice enthusiasts.

Today’s most successful email marketers have numerous campaigns set up to be automatically triggered by their prospective customers actions, so specific emails are delivered every time a specific event occurs within their company’s purchase process; this could be an action that occurs in-store or online. Email automation works because unlike people, it never forgets to send a message when it’s programmed to. This helps you gain as much business as possible from your leads. Whether it’s a post-purchase follow-up email that asks a customer for a review, or it’s an offer that follows the customer’s visit to your website, triggered email generates more conversions and more revenue by contacting your current customers and potential customers while your brand is fresh on their minds and while obtaining your product or your service is on their to do list.

Test to hone your efforts

Email automation can be continuously improved, your results at the beginning are a fraction of what they will be months and years down the road. You can constantly improve your results it over time with testing. You can vary the triggers, the messages, the formatting, the placement of buttons or the calls to action altogether, and see how subscribers interact with them differently. As you notice more and more effective combinations, then you can feature that in your campaign.

If you have questions about email marketing, whether you’re getting your first campaign organized or you’re looking for fresh ideas and more fruitful results contact us today.

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