Email Marketing and Email Automation

More than 50 percent of all businesses are expected to use email marketing automation by 2015. Marketing managers across the nation are benchmarking their competitors and contemplating how to best streamline and optimize their marketing efforts.  If you are looking for an effective way to maximize your marketing dollars in the coming year, it is important to not only invest in great email marketing automation products but to also develop a solid marketing plan.

Choose a Target Market

To optimize the benefits of email marketing automation, it is important to first develop your marketing and lead development strategy.  By identifying the types of individuals or businesses that will be your target market, you will begin to narrow and focus your marketing efforts. Once you decide on your target market, you can determine creative ways to reach them!

Marketing Automation

The next step is to maximize marketing automation solutions. Email automation solutions should allow you to send drip campaigns, import web-to-lead data from your website to your marketing CRM, as well as automatically adapt to email recipient’s behavior.

Content Strategy

Finally, your marketing strategy should focus on producing top quality content. Simply sending a high volume of emails may be successful. But studies show that marketers who provide unique, high-quality content in their emails – content that is targeted to a specific demographic – will generate more leads than their competitors. These leads are also more likely to convert, becoming customers, which ultimately leads to increased revenue.

Predictive Response’s Email Marketing Products

it is important that marketing managers stay ahead of the technology curve when automating their lead generation processes. Contact us for more information on our easy-to-use software products and stay ahead of your competition.  A great marketing plan, coupled with our email marketing and automation products will certainly improve your marketing ROI!

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