Email Deliverability: Passing the Inbox Test:

You’re probably aware that savvy subscribers have been pushing back against the large volume of marketing emails they receive in their inboxes each day. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are also becoming stricter about which emails will “pass the inbox test.” In the past, email marketers could get away with sending large volumes of bulk email in hopes of snagging a few new customers. They took their chances with spam filters, unsubscribe requests, and unopened emails. Today, such blatant attempts are met with strong scrutiny by Internet Service Providers. In fact, ISPs have now implemented a set of metrics to determine which emails should make it to your recipient’s inbox and which should be filtered out as SPAM. These include:

  • Does the sender’s emails score high with deletions?
  • Is the sender racking up a lot of unread emails?
  • Are recipients actually replying to the sender’s emails?

Automated Emails increase Deliverability: 

Maybe you’ve seen the figure from the National Sales Association which shows that 80% of sales are made not on the first, or even 2nd, contact, but somewhere between the 5th and 12th attempt. This statistic indicates that marketers need repeat contact with their leads in order to make a sale, which has resulted in a trend toward “triggered email.” This refers to emails timed for repeat sending. It may also refer to automatic emails, such as those sent when a lead fills out a web-to-lead form. Marketers are catching on to the benefits of this new type of email campaign. In fact a recent study indicates this category of email marketing increased by 14% in 2012. Benefits include a dramatic reduction in bounce rates or a 95.2% ‘non-bounce’ rate.

Adaptive Mailer

At Predictive Response, we are at the fore front of this trend with our robust email platform, Predictive Adaptive Mailer . PAM doesn’t simply pepper your customers or leads with a barrage of emails; it sets the stage for you to engage and start that all important ‘conversation’ with your lead base. Contact us to increase your email deliverability rate with ‘triggered emails’ using our Adaptive Mailer email platform. Engage your customers in a conversation today!