The Importance of Email Marketing Campaigns

Are you concerned that customers and leads are not actually opening the emails you send? If you are trying to run a small business that relies heavily on email marketing campaigns, this is of critical concern. You must figure out a way to get leads and current customers to open more of those emails! This is where Predictive Response can help. We help our customers get higher email open rates through some very specific techniques. When you use are products you will see:

  • Increased Number of Opened Emails
  • Higher Customer Feedback Rates
  • Higher Conversion Rates from Leads to Paying Customers
  • Fewer Customers and Leads Unsubscribing from Emails they think are Spam

Predictive Response Products

These are just a few of the benefits and features our clients continue to receive by using our products:

  • Adaptive Mailer allows you to segment your email or contact lists.
  • Adaptive Mailer also allows you to analyze recipient behavior such as whether or not your emails were opened and whether the recipient clicked on links within the email. This information will help you determine which customers or leads are most engaged and which should be pruned from your lists.
  • Campaign Flow allows you to automatically filter new subscribers into specific lists based on interests or other pre-determined criteria.

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