The Importance of Targeted Email Campaigns:

Organization is a key component to an effective email campaign. All too often, email campaigns aren’t thought out and emails end up being sent out to a large list without being segmented to list members interests or needs. Targeted emails are important to ensure a more successful email campaign. That is why Predictive Response has designed Campaign Flow.

Campaign Flow:

Campaign Flow is designed to send out targeted emails. By using list member criteria, you can organize your email campaigns according to many different factors or “filters” in Salesforce. Studies show that email campaigns have higher open rates when they are designed around specific list member criteria, such as location or age. Campaign Flow also uses auto-responders to immediately place new leads into their proper lists for your campaigns. This type of marketing automation leads to easier and more effective email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing in 2013:

Each day, more and more businesses are basing their decisions on information gathered in their inbox. Studies show that consumers and businesses are making purchasing decisions based on the emails they receive. In fact, one study shows that 50% of consumers state that they have made purchases based on emails. Rather than spend hours shopping for products or gifts, people increasingly turn to their email accounts and look for deals in their inboxes. Emails have been proven to be even more effective than social networking. Regardless of whether you’re a company that provides a valuable product or service for businesses or a Non Profit trying to reach a broader base of stakeholders, Campaign Flow gives you the tools you need to run a successful email campaign. Campaign Flow is only one of the great services we offer. For more information, contact us today.

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