Benefits of Marketing Automation

Imagine removing the stress and grind of your marketing campaign. Imagine less data entry, data cleaning, emailing, and time behind your computer screen. If you could find a way to automate these processes, you could free up so much more time to work on the other important parts of running your business. You could focus on your customers, making sales, and grow your business. Businesses that use automation have more free time, better campaigns, generate more leads, and ultimately make more sales! Although it may sound very futuristic and complex, marketing automation is actually anything but. There are are many inexpensive solutions a small business can use to automate data entry, mass emailing, web-to-lead forms, and other important marketing processes.

Email Marketing Automation

By using an marketing automation solution, like Predictive Response, a marketer can easily set up an email or series of emails that they would like sent out to a wide audience. This type of mass emailing practice will generate traffic to their website, a greater number of leads, and keep their current clients engaged. Solutions, such as Form Check+, ensure businesses gather clean email addresses from the web-to-lead forms on their websites. Products, such as Campaign Flow, direct email addresses into lead or client email lists based on specific criteria such as location or type of client. There are also a range of mass email solutions that easily allow marketers to set up the exact look and content of each email campaign, a frequency of emails sent, and much more. A mass email marketing automation solution is a necessity for any business or non profit with a large client list. Any marketer would agree that it is way better than checking every email address entered into their database and then sending out individual emails to clients one by one. In terms of time-saving and cost savings, marketing automation really cannot be beaten. Please contact us about how Predictive Response can help you to set up a marketing automation system today!