Nonprofit organizations do not always receive the credit they deserve for providing funds and assistance to individuals or causes in need. While it is never easy to manage a successful and thriving nonprofit, it is possible to build a following of those who genuinely wish to support your cause while spreading the word of your organization with various digital marketing tactics. With the right tips and tricks, you can implement new strategies into your nonprofit’s marketing campaigns to maximize your online reach and your ability to make a difference in the world.

1. Communicate Publicly with Followers on Social Media

Social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are optimal for building a loyal following of individuals who are altruistic and giving. With the use of targeted ads (via Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads), reach out to individuals based on their age range, gender, location, and even specific interests or charitable causes they are interested in.

Create a sense of community among your social media followers with personal updates and with updates that read authentically without sounding too robotic or corporate. Connecting with individuals is a key element of running a nonprofit, as nonprofits are typically not found in the same sector as mega corporations and wall street businesses. Communicate openly and publicly with followers and supporters who have questions, comments, or inquiries. The more forthcoming you appear, the easier it is to gain the trust and loyalty of those who want to support your cause.

2. Schedule Live streaming Events

Live streaming has become more popular than ever with gaming platforms such as Twitch and live streaming options for social media such as Facebook. Schedule regular live streaming events to incentivize your followers to keep up with the latest news you have to share regarding your nonprofit’s mission.

3. Host a Regular Webinar

Webinars are great for building a loyal following and require the commitment and dedication of those who truly want to make a difference in their community. Hosting regular webinars can provide you with an additional source of income or it can allow you more opportunities to attract potential ambassadors and representatives for your non-profit.

4. Provide Useful, Relevant, and Engaging Content

Content is still king when it comes to marketing and driving traffic to a website. If your non-profit is an organization that supports cancer research, consider developing content that is extremely relevant and useful to those who are interested in this topic or have been affected by cancer. Research specific keywords, phrases, and trends to determine the best type of content for your website and social media platform. Choose topics that have yet to be covered or that are not covered in-depth anywhere else online.

5. Maintain a Weekly Newsletter

Create and launch an email newsletter on your website. Link to a signup page for your email newsletter using your social media platforms and any updates you share on your blog. Email newsletters provide more opportunities to build a sense of loyalty and trust between the sender and recipient. With the right email marketing strategy, you can drastically increase the exposure your website and non-profit organization receives. 

Non-profit organizations are necessary to provide funding and actual assistance to causes ranging from cancer and debilitating diseases to mental health and homelessness. While it is not always easy to spread the word of a non-profit organization, it is possible with the right digital marketing tactics and strategies in place.