Building and managing a successful nonprofit is never easy, even if your cause has millions of supporters and donors worldwide. Knowing how to effectively reach your intended supporters while spreading the message of your nonprofit is essential to prevent missing potential opportunities to receive donations and even more support. With the use of marketing automation, keep in touch with your supporters and those who have a genuine interested in the cause you represent while learning more about the wants and needs of your supporters before launching your next marketing campaign. 

1. Send Timed and Triggered Emails Automatically to Donors and New Supporters 

Each time you receive a new donation or a subscriber, send an email that is automatically triggered to the user. Sending automatic thank you emails or emails that welcome new subscribers, donors, or patrons can help to build a sense of community and loyalty among individuals who have a genuine interest in supporting your nonprofit.

Sending timed emails days or even weeks after a user first donates or registers on your nonprofit website is also another way to keep in touch. Sending emails in a timely manner is a great way to maintain the interest of your followers and supporters while also showing your donors that you care about them and their contributions.

2. Connect with Donors and Supporters Personally on Special Dates 

Connect with subscribers and supporters personally on the day they first register on your website, the day they make their first donation, or even on their birthdates (depending on the information you collect from users). Marketing automation provides you the opportunity to send emails to users automatically based on various dates and triggers to prevent your nonprofit from becoming irrelevant or uninteresting.

3. Create Segmented Groups to Further Improve Targeted Messaging

As you collect information and analytic reports for your email marketing campaigns, create even more segmented email list groups to reach specific subsets of your audience. Using segmented email lists can drastically improve your conversion rates while providing you with more opportunity to connect with supporters and donors on an intimate level. Some segmented groups to consider as you continue refining your marketing campaigns include: 

  • First-Time Users/Subscribers
  • First-Time Donors
  • Repeat Donors
  • Donors with a Donation Threshold ($20, $50, $500, etc.)
  • Users Who Have Items in Their Carts
  • Users Who Visit Your Website Using a Referral Link/Individual Social Media Platform

Implementing marketing automation for your nonprofit is a great way to gain a better understanding of your followers along with the desires of your donors. Learn how to better communicate with followers and supporters highly personalized segmented lists. With proper marketing automation, boost the success of your nonprofit organization while ensuring you maximize your online reach with supporters who truly have an interest in supporting your cause.

Want to improve your marketing automation process? We can help! Please schedule a time for us to show you how to use and implement these tips.