Launching and managing a successful non-profit organization requires more than simply passion for the cause you represent. Understanding how to effectively and efficiently communicate with your intended audience and those who have a genuine interest in helping your organization is essential when getting started in the non-profit sector. Generating traffic to your non-profit’s website does not have to be difficult with the right social media marketing strategy in place. With the right marketing plan, organizations can maximize online reach while garnering as much attention as possible through social media. 

1. Consider Your Goals with Social Media 

It is important for non-profits to consider overall goals when using social media. What is most vital when using social media? Is your intention to gain followers or to increase overall awareness of the cause you represent? Is engagement from your followers on social media important, or do you intend to focus on driving traffic to your non-profit’s website? Set clearly defined goals for your non-profit and social media platforms before you begin creating and sharing. 

2. Update Your Followers Frequently and Consistently 

Update your followers frequently and consistently by creating a posting schedule that is optimal for the audience you want to reach. Avoid going days, weeks, or even months without updating your non-profit’s social media pages, as this drastically decreases the exposure you receive using the platforms. Users who visit an active social media page are also more likely to trust and follow the message shared if they believe the owner of the page is professional, reliable, and consistent. 

3. Implement Various Types of Content

As non-profits are difficult to break into as an entrepreneur or organization leader, choosing the right types of content to share can ultimately determine the level of success you achieve online. Some of the most common and well-received types of content that are optimal for a non-profit organization include: 

  • Infographics: Inform your prospective followers and donors of your cause and statistics surrounding it via colorful, modern, and attractive infographics.
  • In-Depth Articles: Cultivate in-depth content that is unique, engaging, informative, and difficult to find anywhere else on the web.
  • Interviews: Interviews with individuals who have been impacted by the cause you represent help build cause awareness while boosting your non-profits authenticity and professional reputation.
  • Images/Animations/Video: Getting the attention of users on social media can feel overwhelming and tedious, especially with plenty of good content to share but no proper vehicle. Use images, graphics, animations, and videos to draw attention to your non-profit’s cause and social media pages.

4. Communicate Directly with Followers and Fans Using Social Media 

Communicate directly with your non-profit’s social media followers on your social media pages themselves. Show complete transparency to those who have a genuine interest in learning more about your non-profit by answering questions and responding to comments and inquiries directly on your social media pages. Avoid ignoring users, deleting comments, or responding in an unprofessional manner when building a reputation for your non-profit with the intent of driving more traffic to your website. 

5. Connect Your Donation Website to Your Social Media Accounts 

Implement links to your donation website or a specific landing page where users are able to complete the donation process in just a few seconds. Promote your donation URL using profiles available with each social media account you use for your non-profit. Directing individuals who want to support your cause to the proper website can drastically increase the number of donations your non-profit receives. 

While building a successful non-profit is not always easy and rarely happens overnight, it is possible with the right goals, a complete understanding of your cause, and dedication from those who truly want to help support your non-profit’s objectives and overall mission. With a complete understanding of your non-profit’s niche and industry, take advantage of social media platforms to garner followers, supports, and donations to keep your non-profit thriving for years to come.