LinkedIn has emerged as the primary professional social media network. Successful modern businesses must learn to use it to solve business problems, for marketing, as well as brand promotion. It’s also important to understand its role in the business culture today. A recent infographic created by Entrepreneur magazine contains several statistics about LinkedIn which demonstrate its significance in the business world. Source: Entrepreneur A recurring theme throughout the data is that users trust the content they find on LinkedIn, even if it is promotional or marketing content. This feeling of trust may be explained by LinkedIn’s professional culture and user base. Information on other social networks – such as Pintrest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook – is not as trusted. Therefore, your company must determine which content, for instance humorous memes or event photos, might be best suited for sites like Twitter and Facebook. In contrast, professional articles or infographics might be better for a trusted site like LinkedIn. Other useful data includes:

  • 27 million brands have a LinkedIn company page
  • 77% of users do product or service related research on LinkedIn
  • 60% of users have clicked ads on the site
  • 83% of online B2B marketers use LinkedIn
  • 51% of online B2C marketers use the site
  • 87% of users trust product related information on LinkedIn

So how should your company use LinkedIn to boost your brand and digital marketing efforts? The following strategies are staples of LinkedIn marketing, and are a good place to start for businesses new to social media marketing:

  1. DIRECT ADs – Similar to Google Ads, direct ads are paid advertisements meant to generate traffic to either a company’s LinkedIn page or their website.
  2. SEARCH for CLIENTS / PARTNERS – Companies can find and research other companies on LinkedIn to lay the foundation for a future business relationships.
  3. MOBILE – Download the LinkedIn app on your smartphone or tablet. During a network event, your employees can easily connect with others and exchange information.
  4. LINKEDIN ANSWERS – Search for questions that are related to your industry and answer them to build credibility and connect with potential clients.
  5. INDUSTRY GROUPS – Join groups within your industry. Connect with users through conversations related to the products or services you offer.

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