Having prospects is always a good thing in business; knowing which ones to focus on is critical.

There are some leads that will just be a waste of time as they do not convert to a sale or donation, and the time spent trying to market to them is all but wasted. This is why lead scoring is a successful strategy to allow the best leads to self identify. What Benefits Does Lead Scoring Provide? It is easy to discount something as unimportant if the benefits are not spelled out to you. In business we always want to do things that support the bottom line. Lead scoring does just that. Business2community.com says the benefit of lead scoring is this:

A predictive lead scoring strategy helps marketers expedite the qualification process, and prioritize leads for your sales team – so that you can reach the right prospects first and fast.

Being the first to a new promising lead may be as important as discovering that promising lead in the first place. That’s why we have added contact and lead scoring to the Adaptive Mailer. Now you can run a Salesforce report and instantly see which prospects are the most engaged with your marketing content. Adding To An Existing Strategy  Some may fret over the fact that they already have a lead scoring system in place. They worry that this somehow disqualifies them from considering another system which may work as well or better for them. This is not a fear that is based in fact though. Instead, predictive lead scoring systems can work side by side with the existing infrastructure that is already in place. In many cases it even improves upon the system that was already built in place to begin with. Watch the presentation below to see how one of our clients combined data from WealthEngine and scoring from Predictive Response to generate an actionable list of their greatest prospects. Contact us for more information about lead scoring and how to adapt your current lead scoring strategy into a new one.