Email marketing is only as time-consuming as you make it out to be…  So, just remember the more time that you spend sending emails to your subscribers, the higher your costs and the lower your ROI.  

One of the questions we’re seeing from marketers in 2017 is, “How can we win the race to acquiring customers through email, and make our email marketing more efficient in the process”?

This question often comes from businesses which are still manually sending emails to their subscribers.  Unfortunately, the hard truth here is, manually sending out emails these days is the equivalent of competing at the Indy 500 on a bicycle.  If you want to stay ahead of your competition you’ve got to provide your clients and customers with the right creative at the right time; and that window of opportunity is closes quickly…  This year sending emails manually will make you pedal harder than ever and you’ll most likely still lose the race. 

To make your email marketing efforts have that net positive effect on your business that you’re looking for you need three crystal clear elements:

  1. Great creative
  2. Targeted campaigns
  3. The ability to limit the amount of time you spend designing and delivering each of your campaigns

So, just like the guy ringing the bell on his bike as he rounds the first corner of the Indy Race Track, when you manually send your emails you’re in the race, and you can feel good about it, but the odds of beating your revenue goals are slim to none.

Implementing email automation is perhaps the best solution to this efficiency and acquisition problem.  That’s because email automation enables your business to improve all of the variables that define success-ful and profitable email campaigns.  You’ll reduce your investment of time and increase your ROI all in one platform!  Think of email automation as that fast, sleek, sexy race car that zooms past your competitors while you. 


Soar Above.  Let us guess, you want your company to show up on the first page of Google when people are searching for your product or service.  Well, we want the same for your company.  In fact, we have accomplished this for many of our clients and continue to do so.  Our experienced team of professionals understands SEO from its foundation to its ongoing optimization.  We follow 100% white hat principals, stay on top of Google’s latest algorithm updates, properly develop and distribute content, and we also stay in tune with the non-technical aspects that are essential to determining your rank in search engine results.  For example, how is your user experience stacking up against today’s best practices?  How useful did they find your site to be?  Is conversion rate up to par with your competitors?  These are just a few of the crucial non-technical aspects that will enable your site to rank higher and higher.  Remember, Google’s goal is to provide the searcher with the most useful and relevant results, on sites that provide top notch user experiences….  We understand this the details that continuously define this statement through and through.  We’ll establish and manage an SEO game plan for you that will make your company a formidable force on the search engine podium.  

Content Marketing 

Relevant, Engaging, Targeted.  We create captivating, value added content to do two things: position your brand as an industry thought leader and generate more conversions.  And, the good news is we’re not just a team of talented writers.  We also have the expertise to strategically distribute your content so it reaches the eyes of your target audience at the right time and place.  We take the necessary time to truly learn about your company, your brand, your industry and your target audience.  We work to meticulously understand fully your company’s short term milestones and long term goals.  From there, we’ll create a custom tailored content marketing strategy that will put you on a clear path to a higher ROI.  

Email Marketing 

Reach, Inspire, Convert.  Email marketing offers you a powerful, authentic solution to communicate with your prospects and customers one-on-one.  Successful email strategies give your business the ability to expand into untapped markets, and maximize the lifetime value of your current customers.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by shopping cart abandonment or incomplete lead generation forms email offers you the unique opportunity to recover those lost sales and vanished leads.  The next time someone leaves their shopping cart full of your revenue, or has something better to do than click your Submit Button you can remind them about everything they left behind, and inspire them to finish what they started with a carefully curated email drip.

Effective email marketing engages and influences your target market; it makes your brand unforgettable by sending them perfectly crafted messages that speak directly to the actions they’ve taken on your website.  From intriguing subject lines, to compelling graphic design, and irresistible content, our team of email pro-fessionals will make your message stand out in today’s cluttered inboxes.  We will work with you to analyze your target market, learn about your buyer persona and unveil how you can dominate your competition though personalized messaging that focuses on one goal: converting your target market.

We work with you to cross-sell and up-sell your current customer base, and we’ll help make sure your business stays top of mind as your prospects continue to shop around.  We’ll make your upcoming sales, up-graded features, new product launches and big events impossible to miss. 

Our email marketing campaigns make you more than just an advertiser.  Our email strategies elevate your image and create a compelling voice for your brand. We develop and deliver relevant, influential content that creates continuous opportunities for you to turn more shoppers to more revenue.

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