How should you measure the success of your e-mail marketing campaign? Email open rate is one of the first, and still most popular, metrics used to evaluate email campaign success. You can calculate it by simply dividing the number of email messages opened by the number delivered. Or you may infer it by the number of clicks on an image within your email. Either way, you want that percentage to be a big!

Higher Open Rates

So what’s the secret to getting that high rate? Here are Four Tips from Predictive Response:

  1. Know When to Send Your Emails:

    Marketing analysts generally agree that the first 60 minutes after pressing send is when most emails will be opened. After that narrow window, open rates drop dramatically.  This means that the day and the time of day you send your email is extremely important. There is some conflicting advice on best day of the week, but Tuesday or Thursday seem to have the highest open rates. Monday is the worst day during the work week because inboxes tend to be extra saturated. Weekend rates are even lower. In terms of time of day, early afternoon emails have higher open rates than morning emails or mid-day emails. We recommend sending between (8 a.m. to 10 a.m.) or (3 p.m. to 4 p.m.).

  2. Provide Benefits:

    The key to a successful marketing campaign is to know your audience, their habits, routines, needs, and priorities. Try to solve a problem for your readers. Help them save money or provide simple ways to make their lives easier. For instance, you might email free shipping offers or other promotions. Or you could save your audience time by offering them a daily news digests that combines multiple news sources. This will encourage subscribers and regular visits to your site.

  3. Be Funny or Interesting:

    It may take 5 to 7 contacts to convert a lead into a sale. So funny or informative emails should be an important component in your lead nurturing strategy. Crafting emails that speak to the lifelong learner or that entertain your audience is a great strategy. This type of email also tends to have higher open rates.

  4. Create Great Subject Lines:

    There are many components to great subject lines. The first is to avoid terms that could be flagged as Spam. Most email platforms contain Spam filters. If you use specific words like “free” or “urgent”, your message may end up in the Spam folder. Also try to use localized terms in your subject lines. An example of leveraging location information might be: “XYZ Computer Store in Atlanta, GA Opening Soon.” Framing questions that address your audience’s needs and interests is also an effective strategy. For instance, “Are You Ready To Take That Alaskan Vacation?” might peak your audience’s interest, encouraging them to open that email to find out more. Finally, keep it short, ideally under 40 characters. Studies show that, on average, very long subject lines have a lower open rate than shorter ones.

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