Usually, when the word “automation” is used, we think of a calculating machine,  working away with no personalization or creativity. Maybe that machine is not as bad as the Terminator, but we don’t exactly get a “warm and fuzzy” feeling about it either. Ironically, automated email marketing may actually increase your business’s ability to be creative and personal. With tools such as Predictive’s Adaptive Mailer your team will be able to add personal touches to your campaigns by continuously collecting data about your lead’s specific interests and personality. With this information, your business can provide exclusive offers and personalized content, forming a deeper connection with your lead. This is just one of the benefits! According to  a study by the research firm, The Aberdeen Group, email marketing automation will provide your business with the following benefits:

  • 107% better lead conversion rate
  • 40% greater deal size average
  • 20% higher attainment of team quota
  • 17% better sales forecast accuracy

So, “Where do I sign up?” Right? Well, like everything else in life, successful email marketing automation requires some effort. It will work for your business with the right amount of work, research, and careful planning. After all, marketing automation does not mean that leads are generated out of nowhere. Your marketing team must still find creative ways to generate leads, but email marketing tools will definitely help your team manage and nurture those leads while they mature, utilizing very specific features. For instance, you can track leads generated through your website (web-to-lead data) and download their contact information directly into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database. You can automate email newsletter campaigns to be distributed on a regular schedule. You can perform A/B testing to determine the most compelling subject lines before sending out mass emails. You can even instruct your CRM to automatically sort leads into specific campaigns, based on pre-determined criteria. These tools are also designed to provide high ROI, which is beneficial to your bottom-line. At Predictive Response we price our products to be affordable for small businesses. We also offer discounts to NGOs. There are options for nearly every budget. Finally, this technology is surprisingly easy to use. There are options that may be employed by users with almost no technical skills, as well as many options available for more advanced users. For instance, a small business owner may choose to use a pre-built email template and send a one-click campaign without much tracking or customization. On the other hand, if he knows CSS and Html, he can build an email template from scratch and add all kinds of features to promote better lead engagement. Contact us today to discuss how we can go to work for you! “Predictive Response” was established in October 2006 with the vision of creating a superior email campaign platform, integrated exclusively with Our easy-to-use, affordable technology will ensure your Marketing Success from your very first campaign.

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