It’s 2020; if you’re not using marketing automation, you’re robbing yourself of opportunities. One of the easiest ways to automate marketing is with a Zoom Salesforce integration. 

The process allows you to use Zoom webinar data in Salesforce in order to expand your reach and market more effectively. 

A Zoom Salesforce integration boasts a lot of benefits, but here are some highlights:

  • Comprehensive, 360* views of webinar performance

  • Boosted repeat registrant numbers

  • Increasing new registrants

  • Understanding the person behind the ticket

  • Sending smarter emails


5 Reasons You Want Your Zoom Webinar Data In Salesforce

1. You Get a 360* View of Webinar Performance

When you integrate your webinar data into Salesforce, you gain access to a simpler and more efficient way to analyze that data. It’s easy to:

  • Compare performance amongst a series of webinars

  • Calculate how many tickets were sold for each webinar

  • Determine how many people attended a webinar (or multiple webinars)

  • View and report on your ticket sales as opportunities 

  • View dashboards for a top-level webinar performance view

  • Segment customers for more targeted, personalized campaigns


2. You Can Increase the Number of Repeat Registrants

Repeat registrants comprise the backbone of any webinar program’s growth. 

You can use Zoom Salesforce integration to target your audience with personalized emails and increase your number of repeat registrants.

Personalized emails can be used to:

  • Promote new webinars of a similar type and location

  • Encourage recipients to share the webinars they sign up to on social media

Once you track webinar registrants in Salesforce, you can very easily send them an email from Salesforce using a platform like Pardot, the Marketing Cloud, or Predictive Marketing.


3. You Can Improve Numbers On New Registrants

Continuously attracting new registrants is the backbone of your webinar program’s future. You can use a Zoom Salesforce integration to:

  • Target contacts in your database that match certain segmentation criteria

  • Send those contacts personalized emails to promote new webinars

  • Promote webinars via your social media channels

  • Create Facebook Campaigns using your repeat registrants’ profiles to target “Lookalike Audiences”

It’s critical to attract new registrants to your webinars. When you integrate Zoom and Salesforce, the process is easy. 


4. You Can Get to Know the Person Behind the Registration

Knowing your registrants makes you more successful. 

When you know the person behind the ticket, it’s easier for you to create better webinars that attract more registrants.

Lots of people have questions about which metrics are most important. The answer depends on the webinar type; but, for a head start, consider these five indicators on which you can segment potential registrants:

  • Demographics

  • Psychographics

  • Behavior

  • Job title

  • Location

When you use these metrics to segment your audience, it’s easy to use a Zoom Salesforce integration as just one of many powerful marketing tools.


5. You Can Send Smarter Emails

Smarter emails generate higher numbers of registrant signups. Using a Zoom Salesforce integration to collect and store better data on your registrants helps you send those smarter emails– and they can help you before and after a webinar. 

Since integrating Zoom and Salesforce automatically allows you to target new potential registrants and repeat registrants more effectively, you can use that integration to send smart emails that:

  • Use personalized and engaging messaging

  • Include feedback requests after webinars

  • Help keep registrants engaged between webinars

  • Inform registrants of upcoming webinars


Predictive Response Can Help You Integrate Zoom Salesforce

If you’re looking for a tool to integrate Zoom and Salesforce, Predictive Response can help. We’ve cleared the path for numerous clients to sync their Zoom Webinar information into Salesforce with Zoom Fusion. 

Reach out to us today to find out more about marketing automation made easy.