There’s a wonderful honeymoon period that occurs right after you start practicing email marketing. Your website traffic goes up, you attract more social media followers, and you might even notice an increase in sales. Once that period is over, however, many businesses don’t know what to do in regard to their email marketing campaign. Consistency is crucial characteristic of any successful marketing email strategy. But in addition to fonts, formats, and schedules, you can also make your content more consistent. By creating an email course or a series, you’ll give subscribers an incentive to read all of your emails. When they see a new email from your company, they’ll know that they’ll learn something new. According to a recent Entrepreneur article, this is mutually beneficial, since customers benefit from the emails and businesses create more brand awareness:

“Customers like to know about coupons, because they like to save money when they shop. In fact, coupons are what drive online sales (though they also increase in-store sales). Customers also tend to like email sequences that educate and engage them. Mini email courses from subject experts can pack a lot of good information, creating a great win-win for marketers and consumers.”

Don’t worry if an email course doesn’t exactly fit your brand identity. Instead of a course, you can always create an email series that features relevant content. The main point is that subscribers know to expect another email from your company that will benefit them in some way. Email marketing doesn’t necessarily bring diminishing marginal returns after the initial honeymoon phase. You can still attract new subscribers and improve your click rates by sending great content on a regular basis. Starting a mini email course or an email series can help you engage subscribers beyond a single message. To talk more about email marketing, or anything else, contact us today.