When speaking to a large audience, you are on the spot to try to create a message that makes sense for a wide variety of people who may be present in the audience. The same can be said of a marketing campaign, at least in the past. No Longer Shouting To The Crowd The rise of nano targeting in the business world has allowed businesses to use tools like our CampaignFlow for Salesforce to create more personally tailored messages for their customers and potential customers. The collection of data on all customers who do business with your organization allows for better information about what the individual customers may or may not like. What The Technology Trail Tells Us Whenever a customer makes a purchase, this information can be stored in Salesforce so you can keep track of their purchase history. Doing this allows you to see exactly what any particular customer likes to purchase. The customer in turn receives discounts or communications that are intended to try to get them to continue their relationship with your business. Using The Data In the end, the main purpose of the data is to use nano-targeting techniques to generate more business. In other words, if a particular customer has not interacted with your business after a defined amount of time, CampaignFlow can automatically add them to your next outgoing engagement designed to keep you front-of-mind and keep your customers interacting with your brand. This is a great way to show customers that you truly do care about them and that you are paying attention. Contact us for more information about how nano targeting is changing marketing for good.