When you send an email you want to make it count. That means getting your recipients to read it. Along with having useful content in that email, you first must grab your recipient’s attention, so that they will open your message. Most readers receive a large number of daily email newsletters and will scan through the subject lines, deleting those that are of obvious disinterest or don’t require a response. Readers want to know what they are going to learn from reading an email, how it will help them, and that it will be interesting. In order to engage the recipient to read your pertinent information, you need to understand how to write email subject lines that will improve your open rates.

Email Marketing: Tips for Subject Lines

Make it precise: Let the reader know exactly what benefit or reward is being offered. Don’t waste time and space by announcing that the reader is receiving a newsletter. Be brief: Try keeping your subject line below 50 characters. Studies show that shorter subject lines tend to peak reader’s interest. Spam: Certain words such as “free” may trigger spam filters. Reputable email service providers such as Predictive Response have spam-checking software as part of their service, so let them help you verify whether your subject line contains spam triggers, and then make any necessary changes. Animation: Once the reader has opened the email, using animation is a great way to continue to hold their attention. Animation can draw the reader’s eye to specific parts of your message you may want to highlight.

Know your Audience

Learn to speak to your reader and not at them. Cultivating an already established relationship is a key element to your success. Be careful not to overwhelm the reader but instead guide their attention from your email to your landing page, to a deeper exchange. The only way to do this is by understanding their needs and behaviors. A good way to learn about your audience is by using tracking links. Google Analytics can also assist you with valuable statistics. Predictive Response will work with you to help determine the correct strategy for your intended audience. Contact us for more information on creating successful email campaigns that capture attention and deliver quality information that your audience deserves!