September is usually a month of transition for email marketing and automation strategies. Many organizations are just ending their summer campaign and have a holiday campaign in the works. Here’s what you can be doing around this time:

Start preparing for the holidays Some companies don’t start preparing their holiday email marketing campaigns until it’s already too late. If you wait until November to get started, then you won’t have enough time to create content, test your emails, and send them before the holidays. It’s better to start sooner, rather than later. At this point, you should start writing new email content for your next campaign. Implement a trigger email It’s well documented that returning customers cost less than first-time customers. If you want to increase your customer loyalty, then you should consider sending trigger emails. Subscribers receive trigger emails after a purchase or some other type of account activity. A recent Practical Ecommerce article explains how such emails can diversify your campaign:

“Triggered emails are an excellent way to pick some low hanging fruit resulting in high engagement rates from recipients and high conversion rates from shoppers. Try adding a new email to your program prior to the season rush. You may find that inserting a triggered email where a gap exists is a good way of helping diversify your overall email strategy.”

Go back to A/B testing Some marketers seem to think that A/B testing is a one time deal, when in reality, you should constantly test new emails before sending them to subscribers. If you start testing your emails in September, then you’ll have more than enough time to find out which ones engage your subscribers best. Then, when the holidays come, you’ll be ready to send your best emails out to subscribers. To talk more about email marketing and automation, contact us today.