E-mail marketing might be the most cost-effective way your company can get your message in front of leads and customers. However, with already cluttered inboxes, what makes your message stand out from the crowd? It is hard to guess how your audience will respond. Fortunately, it is possible to make simple changes to subject lines, return addresses, or the “call-to-action” and increase your open and conversion rates.¬†

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is simply testing two, slightly different, versions of an email to measure how those changes affect response rates. This is the easiest and most accurate way to determine which alternative will be most effective. While there are probably multiple variables you would like to test, it is best to narrow it down to one specific variable and two distinct options. For example, you could test if customers respond better to a specific subject line such as “Free shipping” or “Buy now for 50% off”? Variable suited to A/B testing include:

  • Call to Action: Is it better to say “Buy Now” or “Shop our Sale”?
  • From line testing: Are open rates better when the “From” line displays the company name or a person’s name?
  • Offer testing: Which is more effective – $10 off a $50 purchase or a 25% discount off the entire order?
  • Personalization: Should you call your customers by their first name or professional title?
  • Body testing: Which version of an e-mail message results in more conversions?

A/B testing demonstrates how simple changes increase the effectiveness of your e-mail campaigns. If a simple change to the subject line results in even a 5% increase in conversions, that will translate into more effective campaigns and future profits for your company!

Predictive’s Adaptive Mailer

A/B testing is an important marketing automation feature of Predictive Response’s Adaptive Mailer. Simply set up your trial size, test period, and A/B subject lines. Then Predictive Response will send out each messages to a trial list, evaluate results, and choose the winner – which will automatically be sent to the rest of your campaign members. Contact us to learn more about how Predictive Response will help you design and launch effective e-mail marketing campaigns.