You’ll feel it when it happens. When you’re spending all your time managing campaigns and all the good leads seem to land with your competitor.

Below we have identified some of the common signs that you need to evolve your marketing beyond batch and blast.

You Can’t Target the Right Prospects

You suffer from a “one size fits all” approach to marketing. But when you send the same message to everyone, or target based only on surface-level demographics, your message is more likely to be ignored. You tend to go big, not because of ego, but because you lack a tool to do targeting, timing and segmentation.

SOLUTION: With Salesforce you can track prospects and record their interests and intent. Campaign automation allows you to act upon this data and communicate with the most relevant messaging; resulting in a lift in conversions and a drop in unwanted unsubscribes.

You’re Consumed by Manual, Repetitive, Inefficient Tasks

Whether its building lists, managing leads, or creating emails and landing pages – the development of each new campaign is like reinventing the wheel. You spend so much time carrying out tactical or reactive tasks, you have little bandwidth to be creative or plan ahead.

SOLUTION: Campaign automation makes it possible to build re-usable flows for events, webinars, email marketing and more. You can trigger your communications based on the actions prospects take. The result is a sustainable process for nurturing leads, and increased time to focus on creative marketing programs to actually distinguish your company.

You Do Not Make Lasting, Meaningful Connections

When your prospects interact with your digital engagement initiatives, you fail to follow up with a personalized meaningful one-on-one response.

SOLUTION: You need to stay front-of-mind even with leads not yet ready to buy. Campaign automation empowers you to reproduce the intimacy of a one-to-one communication on a much grander scale. With automation, you can programmatically manage a dialogue with many people at one time, complete with natural pauses and behavioral signals necessary for a productive conversation.

You’re Losing Good Leads to Your Competitors

You spend much of your budget with the goal of acquiring new contacts. But not all of those contacts are ready to buy. A system of identifying when they become ready is either missing or lacking. As a result, contacts are falling off your sales-funnel and your competitor is moving in and picking up your leads when they are ready to buy.

SOLUTION: You need to be ready to move quickly when a lead becomes ripe and ready to buy. Campaign automation detects the proven readiness signals of a lead and can immediately engage with the intimacy of a one-to-one communication.

You are pressed to prove more ROI for your Marketing Campaigns to the Organization

The pressure from the executive team to prove marketing’s impact is mounting. Yet, you’re struggling to consistently report good campaign effectiveness metrics and overall impact on revenue.

SOLUTION: You have a wealth of prospect data in your Salesforce CRM, now you can make that data automatically actionable.