Non Profit Solutions

Non Profit Solutions

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Just for YOU, we recommend xPress which provides:

  • Tight Salesforce integration
  • Detailed activity tracking
  • Personalized email
  • Simple email creation
A 30% discount is available for nonprofits participating in the Foundation Power of Us program. As part of our own Give Back program, Predictive Response will donate xPress for free to 10 nonprofits each year.

Less is More

Let us handle the details…
So you can focus on your Stakeholders, Champions, and Changing the World!
The Predictive Adaptive Mailer coupled with your Salesforce CRM gives you the ability to put true e-communications automation to work. This combined solution lets you:

  • More easily manage fund raising campaigns
  • Track your campaign results right in Salesforce
  • Automate follow up communications
  • Combine web and email activity tracking
  • Keep in touch with your stakeholders

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