Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

The Salesforce NPSP is a package build on top of the core Salesforce Enterprise Package, and is build more or less by the Salesforce Community to make the package geared towards the Nonprofit community.

Households, Contacts & Relationships

The NPSP package supports the Household Contact concept by rebranding the Account model from the Enterprise Edition to Households. A household typically contains 2-4 members and the relationships between household members like Husband/Wife can be defined as well.

Organization Affiliations

Your supporters are probably associated with an employer, and may be advocating for different organizations and may be on the board in some other organizations.
On the reverse level you have other organizations and can see who in those organizations is related to your organization.

Donations, Grants, Memberships & Payments

Donations, Grants and Memberships can be managed as Payments in NPSP and allows for sophisticated management of the different types of payment flows such as recurring donations and Grant Management. The Payment object can track what parts of a given Donation or Grant have been paid and what’s still outstandi.

GAU Allocations

GAU stands for General Accounting Unit Allocation. Sometimes the Donations and Grants come with restrictions of what the money can be used for. Some Donations may be earmarked for the ‘Save the Loggerhead Turtles’ project and other monies may be assigned to ‘Unrestricted’.
On the Reverse Level you can also track what is overall assigned to the various GAU’s.

What is NOT included in NPSP?

The following features are not includes in NPSP. Payment Processing Marketing Automation Event Management Those features may be obtained from individual vendors on the AppExchange or can be obtained by installing the Predictive Nonprofit pack which will include all of those modules.