for Salesforce®


A seamless, real-time Eventbrite – Salesforce integration that just works. You create and manage your events from start to finish in Eventbrite, while Predictive instantly connects each of your event registrants with a Salesforce contact, account, and opportunity record. Want to instantly add your event attendees to your email campaigns? Predictive can help with that too.

Turn RSVPs into Opportunities

Each event is automatically created as a Campaign in Salesforce whenever the first registration occurs, so you can easily run reports on ticket sales and attendance on any or all events without ever leaving Salesforce.

Elevate Event Attendance

Make sure your events are always a priority in your registrants’ schedules. Leave generic, boring emails behind and keep each of your registrants excited about your events by automating emails that speak to their unique interests in your organization. Predictive’s automation workflows can instantly add a event registrant to multiple event and advocacy email campaigns, while personalizing email content to any attribute in a registrants Salesforce records.

Track Registrant Activity

Understand your attendees. Within each contact record, you’ll be able to review a comprehensive history of event attendance. From the date and time of each RSVP, to the time they checked into each event, along with a feed of every page they’ve visited on your website since they became a contact. Now, you can prepare intelligent interactions with an attendee by reviewing the content they’ve seen or run global reports on event attendance, without ever leaving Salesforce.