One of the most acknowledged uses for data gathering on people is called nano targeting.  This is the process of gathering vast amounts of information on individual consumers.  Companies now know everything from voting histories to vehicle ownership as well as TV and Internet usage of people and more.  Armed with this information business and even political campaigns can design their message for a very specific audience. According to an article in the New York Times, “Advances in the speed of computers and constantly improved software have created nanotargeting — microtargeting to the nth degree. There has been excellent reporting on the innovative work of this industry, along with debunking of excessive claims.” With engagement scoring and campaign branching in our Press email solution, combined with our standalone Campaign Flow application, your company can move forward with nano targeting today. Uses Knowing what consumers are buying has increased the knowledge of their overall behavior.  This has led to products being specifically designed based on information obtained from nano targeting. Political campaigns have based their entire advertising efforts from data obtained from this data.  It is changing the way companies and individuals approach the public. Immediate Information In politics and business any shift in the public’s attitude and behavior is something that’s important to know instantly.  When a company or organization is quickly aware of a shifting trend toward a particular product, service or even attitude, they are able to quickly change.  Companies can alter their product or service and political campaigns are immediately able to address changes in the public’s attitude on issues. Increasing The use of nano targeting is not going to stop.  It is anticipated to only become larger.  Whether trying to appeal to individuals in a local economy or on a national scale, nano targeting is becoming a valuable tool.  With the use of this data companies have been able to provide products and services consumers want.  Political campaigns can focus more of their efforts on voters who will support their candidates. If you would like to know about the many advantages of nano targeting we can help. Contact us today and learn more.