According to a recent survey businesses expect to spend more on email marketing campaigns in 2013. 55.5% percent of respondents indicated that they would increase their spending on email marketing next year. Marketing executives also plan to increase spending on social media (51.8%) and mobile marketing (42.8%). That means that already crowded inboxes will be receiving even more marketing related emails than they did this year. How can you make your emails stand out from the crowd?

Great Subject Lines

Take some tips from the newspaper industry. Good news writers know that headlines sell papers. Similarly, your subject line sells your content by getting customers to read the message instead of hitting the delete button. “Secrets,” “posts,” and “jobs” are the subject line words that generate the most clicks.

Keep it Simple

Keep your call to action at the top of your post, and value quality over quantity. If you inundate your subscribers with too many e-mails, they’ll eventually stop reading. Make sure that your posts offer quality content that is valuable to your customers.

Social Media Integration

Integrate email marketing with social media. Social network marketing is more visible, but email marketing can help engage customers more deeply over the long term. The key is to integrate audiences but differentiate content between channels. For example, offer e-mail subscribers the chance to access longer messages or special content not shared on social media channels. Social media might be where you announce new collections or sales; e-mail might be a place to promote an interview with the designer.

Edit & Test Before You Send!

Obviously you want to proofread your content before you send it, but basic editing is only the beginning. Define the objective of your message and make sure that your content achieves that goal. Also make sure that the message is coded properly. Be sure to use Predictive’s Insight tool to test it on a variety of platforms including desktop, webmail, and mobile environments. Take the time to make sure that you have it right before clicking “send.” Predictive Response can help your company create powerful, easy-to-use email marketing campaigns. Contact us to learn how we can help you boost the response rate of your email marketing.