It costs a lot more to attract new donors to your non-profit than to retain your current ones. As much as you are working overtime to attract new donors, you should work on strategies to keep your existing donor base invested in your cause.

Succeeding at doing this trickles down to the marketing strategies you employ. With the right tools, nurturing new and existing donors can be relatively easy.

The trick is to ensure that they have an easy time donating, they can see how their donation impacts the cause, and are motivated to keep contributing.

Here is how you can increase donations for your non-profit:

1. Personalize Your Content

People will be more willing to donate to your cause if they feel you are talking directly to them. Look for ways to personalize the content you share with your audience.

Take advantage of the information you have collected on your donors and segment them into targeted email campaigns. Predictive shows you 20+ ways you can segment your constituents to send more personalized emails. 

Modern-day email marketing tools allow organizations to add the name of the recipient to an email naturally. The fact that the email includes their name throughout will make donors feel that you are referring to them directly.

Better yet, you can divide your audience into different demographics with regard to what piques their interest. Sharing content that will motivate your different demographics will help you connect with them on different emotional levels.

increase donations through personalization

How to set this up in Predictive Marketing:

Predictive Marketing can offer you hundreds of ways to segment your audience. Segmentation possibilities depend on what data you store in your Salesforce environment. Check out email segmentation ideas and how to set them up in Predictive Marketing. 

Here is an example: 

Re-engaging past donors and asking them for a new donation is easier than getting a new constituent to donate. Create a campaign to reach out to all past donors who haven’t donated yet in 2020.

email segmentation based on non 2020 donors

2. Nurture Donors throughout Their Journey

Once a donor gives, you should keep them on the loop on how their donation is being utilized. The first step should be thanking them for their contribution.

You can then share content on the progress of the projects that you have been working on. If there are any volunteering opportunities that the donor might be interested in, share that information with them.

An even better way to keep donors engaged is to host special events for your donors. You can invite valued guests who the donors would be delighted to interact with.

How to set this up in Predictive Marketing:

Automatically pull all people who have donated for the same cause into a campaign. You can accomplish this by using the CampaignFlow tool using the following setup: 

email segmentation donor updates

Create a scheduled email campaign and send your donors updates for this specific cause. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about the setup.

3. Automate Your Emails and Newsletters

If you want to increase donations, consistency in sharing content with donors is key. You can use emails and newsletters to tell your story and keep donors on the loop about every initiative you are undertaking.

Since sending the emails and newsletters out manually could kill your consistency, consider using email marketing tools to automate the process. You just need to set up the time and date for sharing the content, and everything else will happen automatically.

You can also nurture your donors by having email campaigns start whenever they do a specific action within your site. For instance, the fact that a donor shows interest in a specific part of your non-profit should warrant you sharing related content.

Wikipedia, for example, asks donors if they would like to donate again on the anniversary of their first gift.

How to set this up in Predictive Marketing:

Automatically pull donors into a campaign on their donation anniversary. You can accomplish this by using the CampaignFlow tool using the following setup: 

5. Make the Donation Process Easy

Your donors should have an easy time donating to your cause. If your website or emails don’t make the donation process hard-to-follow, the chances are that the donor won’t complete their donations.

Test your website yourself to see any roadblocks that donors might go through. You should assess your website throughout the entire donation process with the mindset of someone looking to make a donation.

You can also add a support chat box within your website to ensure donors can reach you easily whenever they run into a roadblock.


6. Connect With Donors Emotionally

Whenever a natural disaster happens, people are moved to donate blood, food and funds, especially if the disaster touches their emotional triggers. While your non-profit might not be doing disaster relief, you can borrow from this.

Take time to share your story in a way that moves donors. You can share videos, interviews and images that help captivate why the donor’s contribution is essential or how it helped the recipients.


The fact that mobile usage is all the rage means that email marketing can be a great way to increase donations. As long as you have the right tools, turning the tips above into actions will be quite straightforward. Consider using Predictive Response today to seamlessly share content with your audience and increase donations.