The importance of Search Engine Optimization continues to grow as marketers realize and studies show, that it is the most effective digital marketing strategy. As the importance of SEO grows, so does the complexity for implementing that strategy. Search Engine providers such as Google and Bing, continue to change and modify the criteria for rankings to ever more complex algorithms. For instance, a decade ago, it was enough to have your keywords on each web page – somewhere in your text – the more the better. SPAM sites took advantage of this method and Search Engine providers changed their criteria – so that this strategy is no longer effective. image for acquistion channel growth In 2013, the way to make your website stand out from your competitors is by creating easy and effective ways for your visitors to engage with your website. The goal is to spark conversations with your visitors and turn them into customers. Here are three tactics you can put to work today:

Optimize Site Navigation

Modern Search Engines look to your site’s navigation for indicators about the content of each page. In addition, an intuitive navigation structure will improve your User Interface and the overall experience provided to your visitors. You can optimize your navigation by creating URLs for each page that contain important keywords, as well an honest reflection of the content on that page. Also consider, how easily visitors may find what they’re looking for when they reach each page of your site. For instance, a specific blog post may pique your reader’s interest about another topic. Be sure to satisfy their interest by adding a link to related pages, within each page. It’s also a good idea to include a search bar at the top of your site, as well as a section that focuses on your most popular posts.

Be Visual

In is no secret that humans naturally respond better to visual content over long written content. Even when your posts include bullet points or bold font – a picture or video will win over more of your visitors. There are many social forums and tools to help your company create engaging visual content that you can incorporate into your website. For video content there is Vimeo, Youtube, and Vine. For pictures your company can incorporate Flickr or Instagram. For more complex ideas and corporate presentations you can use SlideShare.

Be Unforgettable

Most people enjoy a good joke or a memorable story. By including something memorable in your content, you’ll increase the chance of your audience sharing it with their friends and other people in their network. In addition, the more traffic you get to that page and the more sites that link to that page, the higher that content will rank in Search Engines. At Predictive Response, we have many tips and tricks to help our clients improve traffic and grow their businesses. Contact us today for more information and a free demo!

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