27 03, 2018

4 Things to Consider When Starting a Blog

March 27th, 2018|Categories: Generating Traffic|Tags: , , |

Thinking of starting a blog? A blog is a great way to get more traffic and exposure. It is also a great way to boost your authority. Here are a few things to consider before starting a blog.What Are Your Goals?You have to have a long-term goal when you start out blogging, because blogging is

21 02, 2018

How to Use a Pillar Page for Lead Generation?

February 21st, 2018|Categories: Search Engine Optimization|Tags: , , |

The popularity of pillar pages represents a significant shift in the world of search engine optimization. In this article, we'll explain how you can use a pillar page for your lead generation efforts, and overall achieve better results as compared to the traditional landing pages. What's a pillar page?First, let's explain what a pillar page is

2 10, 2013

3 Tips to Improve Your Search Engine Optimization

October 2nd, 2013|Categories: Generating Traffic, Search Engine Optimization|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , |

The importance of Search Engine Optimization continues to grow as marketers realize and studies show, that it is the most effective digital marketing strategy. As the importance of SEO grows, so does the complexity for implementing that strategy. Search Engine providers such as Google and Bing, continue to change and modify the criteria for rankings

19 08, 2013

SEO Basics

August 19th, 2013|Categories: Generating Traffic, Search Engine Optimization|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , |

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the mechanics of improving the visibility of your website or webpage in a search engine's results (like Google, Bing, or Yahoo!) through the "organic" efforts of your webmaster. SEO is called "organic" because, in contrast to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) where you pay a search engine for priority ranking, it

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