The holiday rush has already started, but the holiday stampeded is just a couple of days away. This week will make up a hefty bulk of your annual sales, especially if you’re in retail, but all of your competitors are lined up to take your customers’ attention away. Make sure you’re ready to steal it back with solid promotional emails for Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Here are some ways to make your emails stronger:

1. The title needs to tell customers what will be free.

You’re battling for attention in someone’s inbox, and that’s always a difficult proposition. So don’t waste time with percentages. Talk about free. Your email needs to stand out without looking like spam, so don’t clutter it up. Save all the percentages and product guides for the content of your email.

2. Segment your email lists.

You can only email your subscribers so many times before they get sick of it and unsubscribe. While that number goes up if they’ve made purchases from you, it’s still not something to risk. So filter your email lists down to as granular a level as possible and send them different emails.

This doesn’t mean you have to create entirely new content for every single segment. But individualize the title to reflect their definite purchase trends and rearrange the promotions inside the body of the email to match their interests.

3. Make everything exclusive, even when it’s not.

People like words such as ‘exclusive’ almost as much as they like the word free, and they trust it a bit more. So make every coupon code seem exclusive and special. Have special discounts for subscribers even if you give the same discount to non-subscribers with a coupon. If customers feel like you’re giving them personalized attention, they’re more likely to both buy your products and keep subscribing.

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