Automating your marketing efforts provides you with more freedom as a business owner. You can focus your attention where it matters and spend your time growing the company. However, to truly automate social and search engine marketing practices, you need an in-house team, remote freelancers, or a dependable place to outsource. Good marketing relies on good service providers. Below, you’ll find options for creating automation in both social and search engine marketing.

Use Remarketing on Facebook

Once you’ve driven traffic to a landing page, you can target those same visitors on Facebook. It’s called Remarketing and it’s a strategy that works wonders for branding your business and nurturing leads. Most traffic won’t convert on the first visit, even if it’s targeted traffic. Remarketing allows you to not dismiss those visitors as a lost cause, but continue nudging them toward your products and services even after they have left your website.

Optimize your Keyword Matching on Adwords

When you’re marketing on Google with PPC ads, or Adwords, the biggest and most important task is to optimize your keyword matching. Google offers various ways to target searchers based on their query. You can:

1. broad match
2. phrase match
3. exact match

Each of these targets the keywords you are targeting in a unique way. Exact match means your ads will show only on when your exact keyword is searched. Phrase match will show only when your keyword is searched, but it can be accompanied by other words. Broad match shows your ads when any combination of your keyword is searched, and even some unrelated keywords.

In the beginning, you’ll want to phrase match or even broad match your keywords because there are bound to be lots of keywords you don’t know about, that are worth targeting, and you need your ads to discover them for you. As you find them, you can start to add these as exact match keywords.

Remember to create a negative keyword list so that you’re not targeting unrelated keywords.

After this is set up, your Adwords PPC efforts will be close to automated.

Hire Writers and Promotion Experts

To increase your search engine rankings in Google’s natural (organic) listings, be sure to hire writers and promotion experts. It’s important that your blog have lots of quality content for your audience and that this content be internally linked to the other pages on your website. That content can then be promoted off-site using social sites and other promotional methods.

Whether you’re hiring remote freelancers, hiring in-house, or outsourcing, these are the top things to have implemented. If you have questions, please contact us for answers.