Running a business is a challenge, especially when you have to continuously find new customers. It requires you to keep marketing the same services in hopes of producing new results. An ideal marketing campaign is almost always one that focuses on your target audience. But, there is an alternative approach that you should take into consideration, granted you are willing to truly invest in the process. It involves creating a new target audience by adding something new to your business or changing your approach.

Come Up with New Services

An easy way to expand your target audience is to start offering extra services. If it is somewhat related to the services you already provide, then you may have an easier time grasping your current audience. But, with this new service, you can start focusing on bringing in an entirely different customer type. For example, let’s say you own a successful bakery (with cakes, bread, coffee, tea, the works…). Instead of just selling the delectable delights, maybe you could offer a cake-making seminar or class once per month. You’re adding more value to your café and customers with knowledge and experience that you already have! 

Marketing a new way

If you have been marketing with the same methods for a long time, you may have no inclination to stop. You may get the results you need to stay successful as a business, and maybe even grow through the years. But, there’s always the chance you could miss out on an increase in revenue when you avoid new methods. Switching up the wording, advertising at different times of the day, or trying new advertising avenues are a few simple ideas you could try to “switch up the old”.

Provide Flexibility

When you offer a service, you may only think about solving a problem. But, some people may be interested in something like a maintenance plan that comes with a monthly or annual charge. Expanding the options for your current services could help to spike the growth of your business. 

If you’re feeling stuck with your current marketing and are ready to shake things up a bit, experimenting with your business and your target audience could be the way to go. It by no means, will not be easy, but if you’re willing to invest in the process, it could pay dividends in the end.